Manual configuration with a screwdriver

The easiest way to install and configure the SIENNA devices is with the help of a screwdriver.
All operations necessary for setting up the SIENNA system like

  • Installing devices

  • Setting / changing device addresses

  • Incorporating new devices

  • Resetting devices

can be easily performed with a screwdriver. There is no need for special training or software tools.

Installation and configuration with SIENNA Professional

SIENNA Professional is a Windows program for installing and configuring SIENNA components. All configuration changes can be carried out with the software tool. Existing SIENNA installations in a building can also be retrieved and reconfigured. The USB port of the PC is used to couple to the communication bus i.e. the powerline. Any nearby power outlet can be used to access the powerline. The coupling element PC/power plug is included with the software package.

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